We provide e-mail Services to web clients from around the world

Welcome to Z-Mail - cutting the xxxx from your InBox

We assume that all visitors have been referred to by our clients as we do not market our services except by referrals. Please contact the person who directed you here if you wish to know more about our advanced Spam avoidance services, they have several ways of contacting us and we can then in turn make contact with you.

How to become a customer of Z-Mail

Because of our selective customer growth policy you will need to be referred to our company by an existing Z-Mail customer. As our services are far beyond what is currently available from other suppliers we are managing demand to match our delivery capability and customer satisfaction targets.

If you do not know anyone who currently uses our services then please bookmark our page and return in 6-12 months when the waiting list may have reduced to the level at which we can start to take on customers without a direct referral.

Provision of e-mail services - Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions

As we do not control the Internet in any way there are many technical and usage problems which render it impossible to offer any sort of guarantee of service whatsoever.

Furthermore - your agreement to use our services explicitly states that e-mails will suffer regularly and sometime frequently from many problems for which we cannot be held accountable, including the following but not excluding any others which may occur sequentially or concurrently:

  1. delivered to the wrong person
  2. never being delivered
  3. being viewable by anyone who has access to the Web
  4. being unable to send
  5. being unable to receive
  6. deleted by our content-based Spam Filters before you receive it
  7. deleted by our content-based Spam Filters as you send it

However, as we are a specialist e-mail service provider then we pledge that we will do more to fix the above problems than the average European or American ISP. Please do not attempt to send e-mail to this domain unless you use the address of one of our customers.